What we do ?

We make display, mobile and video campaigns that drive real business results. Our in-house creative and production teams consist of industry practitioners of every digital platform.


Still the King. We combine our audience targeting solution with real-time bidding and dynamic creatives to reach your target group when and where it is the most effective.


Mobile today is much more than just one vertical screen. Our platform-speciffic approach (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Musical.ly, etc.) means we always ensures the content no ad waste.


We create content that works. Everything from YouTube commercials to Snapchat filters always based on best possible targeting and analytics.

 Cost Per Click & Cost Per View

We use only clear and transparent revenue models.

How we do it?

We conduct multichannel performance-based campaigns. Our main goal is to get the best possible indicators for every emission.

We plan and buy media online. Every campaign planned by us is tailored to the needs of our clients.

All our programmatic and RTB activities have the purpose of maximizing return on investment. We plan as effectively as possible focusing on selected KPIs.

Apart from direct campaigns we specialize in purchasing online space in programmatic. This purchase model allows raising CTR and conversion rate by using real-time optimization and user data.

We create PMP for our clients. We obtain fraud-free advertising space of high quality and viewability.

We specialize in reaching very specific, profiled user groups. By using user data across all campaigns and precise targeting, we increase ROI significantly.

We constantly develope and improve our data management an analytics system, to make sure you get the best retargeting/remarketing optimized on every single campaign as efficient as possible.

Every advertising campaign managed by us is optimized in real time. We focus on meeting the KPIs set for each plan, in terms of CTR, conversion, brand safety, viewability, bounce rate and time spent on the website.

Reports from our systems are created on the basis of individual needs of every client and campaign. We provide only the most relevant information about particular emission with a recommendation for further online advertising activities.

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